The platform to plan,
monitor, and run engaging

Clickto is the Virtual Program Management and Operation Platform. You will quickly and easily connect to and interact with your audience – wherever they may be.


One platform, infinite possibilities. With Clickto you’ll have your virtual online program up and running in no time, providing an immersive experience for all your participants. Clickto is so intuitive that anyone can build a program schedule – simple or complex.

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The only all-in-one platform for going virtual

Plan, Run,
and Monitor

All your virtual program assets in one place.

A Single
Participant Link

One secure link takes participants everywhere. 

Management Portal

Oversee rooms and activities in real time. 


Scale your program and expand your horizons.


Turn your virtual program into a virtual home. Clickto is customizable, allowing your participants to fully experience the look and feel of your unique brand.  

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Use your colors, logos, photos, and more.

Give your virtual spaces familiar names. 

Add presentations and more to each virtual classroom. 

Welcome participants with your customizations


Participant experience determines the success of any online program. Keep your audience engaged with a host of easy-to-use and practical features integrated in the Clickto virtual classroom.

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Keep participants engaged using our integrated virtual classroom

They trust us

Program organizers love Clickto

Clickto opens up the world of virtual programs

If you have great content and excellent staff to deliver it, take your program online with Clickto. Can’t find your program type here? Don’t worry! We’ll help.

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