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The people of the world recognize the benefits of online programs. We built Clickto to help you become part of this remote revolution and go virtual successfully.

Together we can help people anywhere and everywhere learn, empower, and grow – connecting and interacting without physical boundaries.

Our Commitment

With a great platform comes great responsibility. 

We are committed to ensuring Clickto remains a virtual online program platform that:

Keeping it simple

encouraging interaction

making it fun

Providing a Safe Space


Our Story

As founders of our own summer camp, we needed a comprehensive, easy-to-manage, user-friendly virtual platform that provided better ways to engage with our participants and allow for effortless administration and management – and that simply didn’t exist.

With necessity being the mother of invention, a group of cool tech geeks from Israel with deep experience in informal education – aka us – decided to create that platform.

We created Clickto because we genuinely believe others need a better virtual platform as much as we do. Clickto was built so organizations with great programs and content could run remotely when needed, even building remote-first programs as part of their growth. All interaction happens in the best way possible and without a need to be in the same physical room.

Meet Our Team

Dotan Tamir

CEO & Co-founder


Roni Livnat

COO & Head of Customer Success


Erez Roll

Co-founder & Chairman


Shaham Tamir

Product Manager


Todd Edelman

Marketing & Biz Dev Manager


Gal Zandani

Customer Success Specialist


Webiz R&D Team

Our Tech Partner

Israel / Georgia

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