From the Experts: Advice for Online Chess Academy Success

At Clickto, we strive to be experts in the online learning space. But sometimes, the advice virtual educators need is very specific to their field. That’s why we created an industry-specific series of webinars, bringing in top names in the areas of chess, coding, art, and more, and simultaneously supporting growing companies by spotlighting those who’ve gone before them.

We began this venture focusing on chess, and we were blown away by the results. Read on to learn a little bit more about how the show played out.


Meet Our Panelists

Evan Rabin — a US Chess National Master, is the founder of Premier Chess, which currently runs programs in 80+ schools and companies, including Google.

Elliott Neff — is a National Master in Chess, the author of A Pawn’s Journey, and the Founder/CEO of Chess4Life, which exists to help kids develop life skills through the game of chess.

Alik Fishman — a USA National Chess Master, is the co-founder and executive director of iChessU, one of the oldest and most popular online chess schools across the globe.

Lior Lapid — National Master, director of PALS Chess Academy, is a former US National Champion in the K-9 and K-12 divisions and a five-time reigning Colorado State Champion.

Tim Dobbs — an avid traveler and chess player, is the National Program Director of Chess Wizards, where he supervises over 500 schools.


Advice and Insights

On the Lifelong Educators Show, these experts weighed in on a number of topics. They spoke on convincing parents of the values of online chess classes, leveraging online teaching for the development of character and life skills, keeping things fun, onboarding and managing educators, keeping kids safe, differentiating and creating their own niche, and more.

Ready to learn more? You can watch this episode of the Lifelong Educators Show on Youtube or listen here. Also feel free to join our online community, where forward-thinking educators come together to brainstorm, grow, and inspire future generations.


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