From the Experts: Advice for Online Coding Academy Success

Coding is one of the most popular topics for online courses. Why? Because parents and students are seeing the demand for knowledge, and local opportunities haven’t caught up. The skills can easily translate into the virtual classroom, and top companies have also found unique ways to make online learning fun.

On the Lifelong Educators Show, we gathered and spoke with some of the top names in the coding academy industry to help you learn more about building your own brand. Read on to learn a little bit more about how our show went.


Meet Our Panelists

Marek Brejl is the founder and CEO of Coding with Kids, where he provides high-quality computer science education to K-12 students.

Guru Yeleswarapu is the founder and CEO at siliconvalley4you, a company that matches top trainers from top academies with students 6 and above.

Brianne Caplan founded the non-profit Code Your Dreams as well as  CoderHeroes, a buy-1-give-1 coding platform for children to learn coding through creativity and play.

Gail Vawter is the Co-Founder and Director of Operations of Robot Academy LLC, which offers fun STEAM programs online and in-person for a wide variety of ages.


Advice and Insights

On the Lifelong Educators Show, these experts weighed in on a number of topics. They spoke on convincing parents of the values of online coding classes, leveraging online teaching for the development of character and life skills, keeping things fun, onboarding and managing educators, keeping kids safe, differentiating and creating their own niche, and more.

Ready to learn more? You can watch this episode of the Lifelong Educators Show on Youtube or listen here. Also feel free to join our online community, where forward-thinking educators come together to brainstorm, grow, and inspire future generations.


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