Cohort-Based Courses from an Enrichment Provider’s Perspective

As Clickto’s Senior Advisor, I’m here to explore the impact Clickto can have on online education. One of the most exciting tasks I’ve been able to take on so far is our focus on cohort-based courses. Even with a past in traditional-style enrichment, I can see that this type of online learning will play a significant role in the lives of students — both current and future — for many years to come.

Why Online and In-Person?

My former career included over ten years of owning and running an in-person enrichment program  or kids. I can see that our students need to get back to traditional learning, but I also see a significant gap where high-quality online education can thrive.

Families appreciate the ability to hold onto the convenience that online learning provides, and the excitement that comes from at-home enrichment as well. Students who live far from these engaging opportunities will be able to take in just as much as their peers who live close by, ensuring every learner has an equal ability to grow and succeed.

Cohort based courses, like the ones Clickto helps enrichment businesses provide, bring the very best education to the online space.

The courses offer:
  • A live, interactive educator who is invested in the learning of every student
  • A class that starts learning alongside each other and “graduates” at the same time, providing a level of motivation that can’t be found from learning alone
  • An easy to use platform where students can get to know one another, ask questions, share input, and more
Cohort-Based Courses from an Enrichment

How Cohort-Based Courses Help Businesses Succeed

With my current advising role, I can say that these courses aren’t just great for students, they’re incredible for businesses, too. They create a much wider audience, pushing content to new learners in every corner of the globe. This not only improves a company’s reach, but also increases revenue opportunities significantly.

Overall, Clickto has created an online space for enrichment providers to thrive. You no longer need to stop searching for students or visitors at your city’s boundaries — you can advertise to the entire globe. You can support students from home in a fashion that allows for the same level of learning that in-person programming provides.

If you want to leave this type of mark on the lives of students, as well as the reach and revenue of your business, Clickto is the tool to use.


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