Cohort Based Courses: What They Are and Why They Work

The internet is an incredible tool for online learning. It’s filled with content on just about every subject you can imagine. There’s just one problem — it doesn’t provide users with the motivation needed to make a real change in their lives. Whether they want to learn a new baking technique, discover STEM enrichment for kids, or dive into the world of professional upskilling, they need something more than just search engine results.

Luckily, cohort-based courses are here to close the gap.

What Are Cohort-Based Courses?

Cohort-based courses are an interactive way to learn online. Instead of the ever-popular self-learning courses that have been offered in the past (the type you can start at any time and finish at your own pace), CBC’s give you a real human educator and a group of learners to tackle the course with.

So, cohort-based courses have a live teacher, quality information that’s designed to make a true impact in the learner’s life, and plenty of other students to start with — and grow alongside of throughout the course.

A few main features this learning style provides include:

  • Accountability
  • Interaction
  • Community
  • Impact
Cohort Based, Interaction

Why Are These Courses More Effective Than Static Content?

When you’re surrounded by others, you’re much more likely to take the task seriously. In fact, some cohort-based courses are receiving completion rates of 96%, while self-paced versions typically see around 5%.

The community atmosphere, along with high-quality content and easy-to-use platforms, are the reasons behind CBC’s success in truly impacting the lives of the students who sign up for them. After all, users are much more likely to sign up for a service when they know for a fact it’s going to work.

How Can Cohort Based Courses Grow Your Business Today?

Online cohort-based courses provide an outlet to teach to anyone in the world. Your audience is no longer capped at those who live within driving distance to your location. With CBC’s, you can share programming and knowledge with people from every area of the globe.

Not only do cohort-based courses grow your audience, they provide a service that’s seen as more valuable than other types of content. When students see the impact your course can make in their lives — the knowledge they’ll gain, the connections they’ll make, and the motivation that will carry them through the finish line — they’ll be more than willing to pay just about any price you set. We’ve seen some educators making $100,000 or more per cohort — talk about building revenue in a way that impacts the lives of your consumers.

Overall, it’s clear that cohort-based courses are the future of meaningful and effective online learning. If you’re ready to dive into the world of CBC’s, be sure to check out all that we have to offer at Clickto today. Our immersive, easy-to-use platform is the best way to turn your interactive course into an incredible success.


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