From the Experts: Advice for Online Language Academy Success

Online language is another area of high demand, with virtual opportunities greatly outnumbering in-person options. To highlight success stories in this space, we gathered and interviewed top online language learning companies on the Lifelong Educator Show. Read on to learn more about each of our panelists, as well as a glimpse into what our show covered.


Meet Our Panelists

Rebecca Schwengber is the CEO and founder of Language Sprout, an award-winning language school made for kids. She holds a degree from the University of Minnesota and is fluent in English, Spanish, and Chinese herself.

Mercedes Moresco is the CEO and founder of Educando a América, a Spanish language program formed in 2004. She has a Master´s Degree focused in Linguistics applied to teaching Spanish as a foreign language and a BA in Hispanic and Latin American languages and World Literature.

Alex Huot is a creative and committed professional from Montreal (Canada) who has been working for over 8 years in close collaboration with his team at Langmobile on the development of language education programs for children. He himself continues to nourish his education by taking legal courses in parallel with his career.

Ara Vasquez is the founder and CEO of Toc Toc Spanish, a language learning company based in New York City. Originally from Mexico, Ara immigrated to the USA and saw an opportunity to break down stereotypes and create a kinder world through education for children.


Advice and Insights

On the Lifelong Educators Show, these experts weighed in on a number of topics. They spoke on convincing parents of the values of online language classes, leveraging online teaching for the development of character and life skills, keeping things fun, onboarding and managing educators, keeping kids safe, differentiating and creating their own niche, and more.

Ready to learn more? You can watch this episode of the Lifelong Educators Show on Youtube or listen here. Also feel free to join our online community, where forward-thinking educators come together to brainstorm, grow, and inspire future generations.


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