Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to all the little details. 

Clickto Platform

+ - If my organization runs multiple camps, do I need to activate each and every camp separately?
Every program must be activated on the platform. However, if organizations come together and collaborate to run a co-branded program, as one joint program, one registration system, one team, they will need to activate just once.
+ - What activities can be offered on the platform?
Almost every traditional activity can be adjusted to the virtual world. Please check the Toolbox to learn more.
+ - How long before the program starts do I need to build my sessions on the platform?
We recommend setting up the session about a week before it starts. It can take a few hours to build your assets and schedules.
+ - Is there a minimum/maximum number of participants needed to operate a program on the platform?
No, you can run any number of participants in a session.
+ - What tech background do I need?
The platform was designed by camp people and is easier than using Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets!
+ - Will I be able to get assistance to set up my program on the platform?
Yes. We offer setup assistance as a part of every package.
+ - How many virtual rooms can I create on the platform?
As many as you like! No extra cost for creating more rooms.
+ - Is the platform secured?
It is. Only enrolled participants can get access to the platform, the link is not sharable. Staff and participants cannot change how their name is displayed in the rooms.

Staff has the rights to remove participants. Admin has a right to suspend a participant temporarily.

Participant Day Credits

+ - What is a participant day credit and how much they cost?
Clickto runs on prepaid credits.

You can purchase the package of your choice, just before you activate each session.

The timing of that is usually about a week before the session starts, and only when you already know the final number of participants you’re gonna have.

If you need to add participants during an active session, you can do that, by using additional credits for the newly added participants.

If you’re starting a session of 5 days with 100 participants, you’d need 500 credits to start running it.

If your session is two-week long, but only 8 actual days of program, you will only need credits for 8 days.

Participant day credit costs between $1.99 to $0.49, depends on the volume of the package you purchase. Toolbox and programming

+ - What ages is the virtual camp suitable for?
We recommend offering the virtual camp to campers from K to 12th grade.
+ - How should I plan my session?
We will have more info soon
+ - What can I find in the Toolbox?
Staff training, activity demos, platform navigation video, tools to help you run a successful virtual camp. Examples will be here soon,

Staffing, training, and supervision

+ - Will you provide us with staff training?
You can find staff training materials in our Toolbox.
+ - Will my admin team be able to join all activities at all times?
Yes. One of the greatest advantages of the platform is that the admin team can see which activities are held in each of the virtual rooms and join within one click.
+ - Who runs the camp?
Your camp staff. You can find guest vendors in our Fair.
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