Fireside Chat on Virtual Camps – Directors Panel [Recording]

Join three directors who took the leap to virtual camp and survived to tell their experience

Whether you’ve made a decision to run a virtual program, or you’re still thinking about it, there is so much to learn and explore.

We invite you to watch the recording of the Fireside Chat on Virtual Camps – Directors Panel to hear the success stories from three directors of camps who have already gone virtual.


Hosted By

  • Roni Livnat, COO at
  • Dotan Tamir, Founder and CEO of
Keep reading to get to the video recording. 

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So what did we ask our three camp directors?

It was really important for us to get deep into the details in order to help our Fireside Chat attendees understand just how this idea of taking their virtual camp worked. 

Here’s a list of the questions that’ll be answered on the recording below.

  1. How did you adjust your traditional or in-personal camp experience to a virtual program and what surprised you along the way?
  2. How did you market the program and how did you attract new campers? What other opportunities did you see going virtual? 
  3. What was your budget for running your virtual summer camp?
  4. How do you keep your campers engaged and comfortable in the virtual world? How do you encourage the campers to become active and participate? 
  5. How did you manage staffing, including training, selection, and guidelines? Any tips to attract the right type of counselors when it’s virtual? 
  6. What was the ratio between staff and campers? How many staff were in each room?
  7. What was the hardest thing you had to adjust for the virtual environment? What did you find most challenging?
  8. How was the experience for participants with disabilities within your virtual camp?
  9. What game, icebreaker, or activities really worked well in your virtual camp?
  10. How’s the virtual camp experience different from the virtual learning experience participants may have had during the school year?


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