Excited and Honored — Clickto’s Spot in the GSV Cup Elite 200

We’ve been perfecting our cohort-based course platform for a year and a half now, and our hard work is officially being noticed. This week, we heard the news of our nomination to GSV Cup Elite 200. This recognition places us among the top 200 edtech startups in the world and gives us an opportunity to compete for a $1 million prize. 

To say we’re proud is an understatement!

About ASU+GSV Summit

The Elite 200 competition comes from an annual event put on by Arizona State University and Global Silicon Valley Ventures. The conference has taken place every year since 2010, and works to “connect leading minds focused on transforming society and business around learning and work.” This year, the ASU+GSV will uphold its biggest challenge yet — democratizing education with the help of high-quality online tools.


About the Competition

The GSV Cup had over 750 entrants this year, with just 200 being invited to the competition. Selected businesses represent the top seed and pre-seed digital learning startups from all corners of the globe. More than 175 judges will work to select the winner, including members of leading venture capital firms and digital learning partners — Accel, General Atlantic, and Reach Capital to name a few.


Continuing to Dream and Achieve at Clickto

We’re extremely honored to be part of the Elite 200 at ASU+GSV, but we won’t stop here. Some of our biggest take-ons for 2022 include:

  • Adding course registration, payments, marketing tools, business reports, Kaltura integration, and more to our platform.
  • Growing to serve an audience of 10,000 students monthly.
  • Continuing fundraising to grow our company and extend our capabilities in the digital learning space.

All in all, we’re excited to move forward in the Elite 200 competition at ASU+GSV. Stay tuned to hear how the conference goes!


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