How we delivered an awesome virtual camp experience

We are concluding one month of running online camps for almost 1,000 campers, with sessions of over 250 campers simultaneously.

This was a rollercoaster filled with excitement and with challenges! However, we ‘re very proud of what we accomplished – our campers, parents, and staff are so happy and grateful.

We would like to share with you our experience, the ups-and-downs and the best practices we’ve learned over this period.

  • How do we keep campers fully engaged for 3 hours?
  • What helps us create an experience where campers feel a part of a group, and are motivated to join every day?
  • How are we adjusting and tweaking activities to make them work online?
  • What did we learn about staff training?
  • How do we reflect the program’s benefits to parents and how much we charge?

And some more.

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