The Path to Online Academy Success with ASU+GSV’s Elite 200

Online academies have taken the virtual world by storm in the past two years. They’ve opened access to high-quality learning for students across the globe, kept kids safe and engaged throughout the pandemic, and added a level of convenience that families can’t let go of even as our world reopens. They are the future of online learning, and they deserve to have their hard work highlighted. That’s why we decided to run a webinar on live, online academies — specifically those that landed a spot in the upcoming ASU+GSV conference’s Elite 200.
These companies have built innovative digital learning systems that are, and will continue, changing lives. Read on to learn a little bit more about each one of our panelists, and the advice they shared live on the Lifelong Educators Show.

Santiago Carillo:

About: Santiago Carillo is the CEO and Founder of, which focuses on workforce development.

He holds an MSc in Software Engineering from the University of Amsterdam and worked as an Android Developer for 10 years, Google Developer Expert in Android, and Mentor at Google for Startups Accelerator for 5 years. He was also an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lecturer forever 5 years at the University Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria Julio Garavito.
Advice and Insight: Santiago stressed the importance of human skills, or soft skills, stating that they’re essential to teach in online academies. He shared that 70% of job success related back to these.

Vishal Goenka:

About: Vishal Goenka is the CEO and founder of 2Sigma School — an online academy offering accredited advanced computer science classes to high schoolers and effectively expanded access to high-level teachings in this space.

He’s also a technology executive with over 25 years of engineering and product management leadership experience across Google, two early-stage technology startups, and Novell. Vishal built a $100M+ ARR enterprise business from the ground up within 18 months in Google Maps and managed a portfolio of measurement and API products within Google’s flagship Ads Platform. Vishal’s expertise in building large-scale technology platforms across multiple domains was instrumental in the acquisition of Teracent by Google in 2009.

Advice and Insight: Vishal shared about the convenience of online learning and its relation to growth. When he started his company, he spoke to students, parents, teachers, and school administrators — all of whom preferred online courses for several topics.

Market to families that want more than their local education system can provide, and use funding wisely to grow your academy.

Dotan Tamir:

About: Dotan is a serial entrepreneur in the education space, most recently serving as founder and CEO of Clickto — a platform that turns live, group-based courses into thriving online brands. He’s been part of the online learning movement for nearly 10 years, and he is the host of our podcast, the Lifelong Educators Show, appearing in a special double-role in the online academy episode.

Advice and Insight: Dotan shared that he sees students coming on for two main reasons — supplemental education and official, or systematic and accredited education. He’s also witnessed firsthand the ability to teach every subject online — from art to cooking, chess to coding, the opportunities for learners and educators are endless.

Ready to learn more? You can watch this episode of the Lifelong Educators Show on Youtube or listen here. Also feel free to join our online community, where forward-thinking educators come together to brainstorm, grow, and inspire future generations.


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