Summer 2020 Reflection – Camp Report

Every summer camp promises campers “a summer like no other”. This mantra, echoed summer after summer, took on a whole new meaning this summer in the age of the coronavirus. 

Camps around the world faced the daunting task of relocating from a physical space to a digital space while preserving the structure and character that makes their camp unique. This need led to the creation of, a group of camp enthusiasts coming together to create a platform that would do just that-replicate the traditional camp structure on an online platform that could be adjusted and customized to fit the needs of any camp. served over 4,000 campers from more than 25 different camps from four countries in its inaugural summer.

Camps that ran on our platform quickly adopted their programming for the virtual space and offered a varied selection of activities (see graph for a breakdown of all of the activities that virtual camps ran on our platform).

“Our main goal this summer was to provide as much of our traditional summer camp (specialities and classic camps) as we could in a virtual setting. We definitely feel like we were able to achieve this goal.” Said Emma O’Loughlin, co-director of Buckingham Browne & Nichols School (BB&N) located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “We really wouldn’t have changed much of anything and felt as though kids were supported and happy to be part of our camp experience! was able to help camps re-create their traditional camp-wide activities such as morning flagpole or closing campfire. In fact, 50% of the camps that used’s platform ran five to six hours per day, just like a regular camp day! (See graph for a complete breakdown of the daily session lengths of our customers for virtual summer camps.)

Run an engaging virtual program on Clickto

“Virtual camp has given many kids camp in a time that they really need it, and this platform has helped make the best out of a bad situation.” Said Judith P. from Camp Ben Frankel. has done more than just provide a summer camp experience, it allowed summer programs to engage with new audiences and connect with new campers beyond the limitations of a physical space.

“A lot of our campers are immunocompromised, so going virtual allowed our campers to hang out with one another and get that camp feeling even though it wasn’t in person. They were able to socialize with one another and make strong friendships through the computer. It has been a great experience and I am glad we were able to have camp virtually…Both counselors and campers had a blast!” Said Cat, a staff member of the Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis summer program. 

This expanded reach does not have to end with the summer!’s all-inclusive platform will be available for year-round programs under the name Clickto and customers can continue to offer a world of incredible content to their audiences while creating that same interactive social atmosphere that made virtual summer camps a success. Half of all the campers who interacted with Clickto for virtual camps were entering pre-K to third grade and 13% entering grades 7-12 so our platform is perfect for kids of all ages! (See graph for a complete breakdown of the age groups who used our platform for virtual summer camps.)

Whether your program is in a fully remote or hybrid setting, staff members will be able to build programs with our easy-to-use scheduling board and manage multiple program activities and groups in real time. Our all-in-one link will walk participants through each activity in secure rooms that offer different modes of engagement from whiteboards to polls that work on multiple devices. Our live assistance and customer support team will be there to make sure your program goes your way.

We can’t wait to make your year-round programs as exciting and stress-free as our summer, and clickto has all of the tools you need to make that happen!


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