From the Experts: Advice for Online Art Academy Success

Art is one of the most hands-on subjects — can it really be taught online? Our panelists shared with us not only the potential, but significant success, for online art academies in today’s world. We gathered and interviewed these outstanding individuals to share their stories with upcoming creative brands. Are you ready to take in their experience and advice? 

Below, we’ll share a bit about the spotlight companies and the Lifelong Educators Show, as well as share links to watch the episode in full.


Meet Our Panelists

Bette Fetter is the Founder and CEO of Young Rembrandts, author of the Amazon #1 best-seller, Being Visual, and self-titled blog,

Fei Lu is the founder of Winged Canvas Art Hub, an art studio and gallery that boasts a wide array of programs and services: from art camps, art classes, and art parties. Winged Canvas is a one-stop shop for the fledgling finger painters to the next generation’s Vincent Van Gogh.

Yong Chen is the founder of EnjoyingArt and a professor of visual arts, who loves to create online courses and programs with new media. Yong has been a professor at Bunker Hill Community College teaching painting, watercolor, drawing, illustration, interactive design, and developing online college courses with interactive media for the past 13 years. 

Ginhee Rancourt is the founder of Young Art, which started in 2013. The team believes that by fostering a vibrant atmosphere to learn and inspire creativity they are purposefully equipping young artists with the foundation to advance their confidence, ingenuity, and skill sets.


Advice and Insights

On the Lifelong Educators Show, these experts weighed in on a number of topics. They spoke on making the move to an online academy, convincing parents of the values of online art classes, keeping things fun, onboarding and managing educators, keeping kids safe, differentiating and creating their own niche, and more.

Ready to learn more? You can watch this episode of the Lifelong Educators Show on Youtube or listen here. Also feel free to join our online community, where forward-thinking educators come together to brainstorm, grow, and inspire future generations.


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