The Hybrid World is Here to Stay – Are You Ready to Join It?

As time goes on and we learn more about the global pandemic, it’s refreshing to let our students rejoin in-person learning in safe fashions. At the same time, parents and kids alike aren’t yet ready to say goodbye to online opportunities.

In fact, we have reason to believe the hybrid world is here to stay, even after COVID-19 is no longer a threat.

Why is Hybrid Learning Here to Stay?

Online learning may have brought some significant bouts of stress as parents worked from home and had to help their kids log on and stay on track throughout each day while schools were closed, but it also opened a door to an unprecedented level of convenience.

Outside of schools, online learning became the norm for enrichment spaces like zoos, museums, and more. It allowed students to log on from the comfort of their own homes and gave them the chance to learn and experience new things.

And families do not want to give up this convenience..
Sure, they’ll be back at your business in person, but kids and parents alike have a desire for online options available as well — and that’s exactly where the hybrid world comes into play.

What Does This Mean for My Enrichment Business?

While the world stays online, you’ll want to be there, too. By offering virtual services for your business, whether that be live, interactive events or cohort-based courses that teach the same things your students learn in person, you’ll be keeping up with the wants and needs of families today.
Hybrid learning can expand your earning potential and help you reach students in every corner of the globe as well, allowing you to play a role in the ever-important process of democratizing education as we know it.
Hybrid Education

Cohort-Based Courses — The Best Way to Offer Hybrid Education

To make your virtual offerings as beneficial as possible, you’ll want to consider cohort-based learning. CBCs provide many benefits that allow learners to excel, even if they aren’t learning face-to-face:

  • A shared start and end date — allowing learners to work at the same pace, providing a level of accountability that can’t be found in solitary or self-led learning experiences
  • Live classmates and teachers — providing a comforting and motivation community feel, just like the type that exists in the real classroom
  • The ability to make an impact on the learner’s life — with meaningful lessons that are specifically designed to make a difference

The rise of cohort-based courses has even led to this learning style being called “the future of online education,” and you definitely don’t want to miss out on that.

If you’re ready to join the hybrid world, moving your online offerings forward in this time of transition, Clickto is here to help. Our platform will help you create effective and easy-to-use cohort-based courses, giving your students —and your business— the best possible outcome every single time.

For a limited time, we’re providing a 30-minute consultation call at no cost to all enrichment providers looking to take their businesses online.

Schedule time with us today and you’ll be well on your way toward online success!


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