What to Expect When Teaching Online

While there is some overlap between in-person and online instruction, there are definitely some unique obstacles that only instructors within the virtual world face. One of the biggest hurdles is distance. Your across-the-world students may require a bit of extra planning, creativity, and high-quality online tools to create the ideal teaching environment. It’s important to be dialed into these unique aspects of your virtual classroom in order to set yourself and your students up for success.

Here’s where to start:

  • Prioritize Classroom Management
  • Plan and Test Everything
  • Take Time to Say “Thank You”

Prioritize Classroom Management — This process is different online, but it’s still just as essential. Become clear on the behaviors you’re going to strengthen, reward, and ignore. Be careful about lecturing certain actions on the spot, as the entire classroom can see them. It’s best to take an individual student into a ‘break room’ if there’s something that needs to be addressed privately.

Plan and Test Everything — There are a number of problems you could potentially face in an online teaching environment. Internet issues occur. Wrong links are sometimes sent. Attachments fail to stick. It’s best to be aware of these aspects of online learning and have contingency plans ahead of time.

Take Time to Say “Thank You” — Use classroom messaging tools, phone calls, or social media platforms to inspire yourself and your students by sending messages of appreciation.

Common Online Tools and Platforms:

Online Communication Tools
Work Planning Tools
Document Management Tools
Online Video Tools
Online Quiz Makers

Using the Proper Tools and Platforms

Google Drive doesn’t make sense for video sharing and YouTube might not be the greatest place to host student portfolios. Choosing the right platform for every action and sticking with those tools can make things simpler for both you and your students. Don’t be afraid to try out all-in-one platforms, either. These incredible sites may just make things more accessible and understandable to every member of your group.

What's Next?

It’s impossible to implement all of these tips at once, so pick just one or two to try out first. And remember – student engagement is of utmost importance. As you learn more about the online learning environment, your efforts will continue to improve. At Clickto, we’re here to help you perform your best. Check out our site to learn more about our easy-to-use platform and incredible online teaching tools.


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