Why We Believe in Cohort-Based Courses

In my former career, I owned and operated a STEM and innovation summer camp for kids. Our team is filled with in-person enrichment experience, actually, as our senior advisor Josh Chernikoff, founded and owned a company in this area as well.

Our years of experience have shaped who we are as a company today. We believe in the power of in-person learning, as we’ve seen the incredible impacts it has on kids firsthand. We’ve seen the smiles, the growth, the learning, and everything that comes from that firsthand connection.

At the same time, we know there’s an incredible opportunity for education in the online space.

Not all online education is created equally, but our experience in education has us firmly believing every learner deserves the best of the best. That’s what led us to our focus on cohort-based learning, the most effective and impactful way to connect and grow on the internet today.

Why Cohort-Based Learning?

Cohort-based courses bring significant benefits from the in-person world to the online learning environment. They ensure students have:

  • An instructor who knows them by name and teaches them in real time
  • Peers to learn alongside of, work together with, and build relationships with
  • Motivation to complete the course — and gain new skills that will stick with them for life

Cohort-based courses also allow high-quality content to reach every corner of the globe, completely democratizing education on its way through.

Clickto Cohort Based Courses

Students no longer need to live near the best school to learn from it. They can choose the courses, subjects, and learning styles that are right for them, no matter where their teacher may be.

CBL ensures all students receive quality education and a high level of support throughout the program, just as they would in an in-person setting. They give the best of the best to every single person who chooses to join.

And that’s why Clickto has committed to optimizing a place for cohorts to thrive. We can’t wait to see how educators and organizations use our platform to deliver impactful programs to people around the world — turning dreams into reality one course at a time.


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